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What Do Content Gems Look Like in the Real World?



Chris Jarvis Plumbing and Bathroom Renovations is a highly successful family business.


After 24 years of managing his own marketing, Chris decided it was time for a website.



Create a website, develop all content, including custom images. Project manage.

Tasks: Images for his new website to support content. Develop content and web structure. Project management/liaison with web developers. Create resources to share on Social Media.

Step 1: Clarify key messages. Prioritise content and create a structure.

Step 2: Images need a brief. A clear goal. And they need to:

  • reflect and relate to the brand identity and overall message
  • reinforce the story in headings and web copy.

Clients' list for content - the strengths of his business:

  • family business
  • 24 years of experience
  • family team of highly skilled tradespeople
  • winning awards for excellence for over 24 years
  • long list of happy customers who give testimonials

PROCESS: What do these facts really mean for his clients?

My list of Content Gems takes you beyond the facts.

What is of value to the clients? What is understated and undervalued?

RESULTS: CONTENT GEMS to anchor and powerup the marketing message.

It's not just a Family Business:

  • The team that wins the awards is the team that will build your bathroom.
  • *This is a unique service offered by this business.

What does Industry recognised, Award Winning actually mean for your clients in real life?

  • We are experts at what you don't see.
  • (Winning not just any award, but the HIA Award, the most prestigious awards in the building industry - importantly in the category for his target market of families and retirees).
  • Credibility. Reliability. Peer acknowledged.

(*Vicki says: I like the sound of that. Might get him to do my bathroom.)

IMAGES VICKI YEN PHOTO. Image brief:Before&Afters. Team. Awards




Fabulous Physical Fun Pilates and Fitness Studio is the dream of owner Bonnie Cunial.


Bonnie was revamping her original website, and wanted images that would attract the "baby boomer" clientele she specialises in training.

Bonnie's passion is Pilates, and the proposed content focused on What was on, the trainers, the options. The product.


What do these facts really mean for clients?

What is of value to the clients? What is understated and undervalued by the business owner?

What message lies beneath the facts?


We re-focused the core message of the content.

The business owner saw the value of the product. The clients valued their relationship with the trainers, and the whole package offered.

Images told the bigger story of not just fitness technique, but the relationship. The "fun".


  • The business owner's own story is one of the most direct and powerful connection points. A massive point of difference for this business.
  • It's not just Pilates...
  • "I'm Bonnie and I started personal training at age 52. For the last 10 years I have made my passion my business. I work with people just like you who want to improve their strength, flexibility, fitness and best of all, have fun while they do it. Join me today!"


(*Vicki says: Targeting a niche market, credibility. Genuineness. Who wouldn't want to come on down and play?)

IMAGES VICKI YEN PHOTO. Image brief: Personalise. Humanise. Show the fun.

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