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Start with your Content Gems.

Invigorate everything else in your marketing mix.

Map of content creation for small business

Content first. Communicate first. Then market it. 









Ready to find out more about all the ingredients?

What really matters for your business.

Your website and marketing mix is like a jigsaw puzzle.

There's not just one miracle cure.

But when all the different pieces fit together, like a high performing team - it works.

Let's take a look at what you've got.

Where are you now?

content marketing what's missing

You know something's not working, but what?

What's working. What's not.

Let's take a look at the big picture of how your content and marketing steps flow.

Lots of small business websites have the best content buried down under a pile of facts.

When it's your own business, it's hard to recognise it.

There's a key message in there.

I'll find it.

Communications is a specialist skillset.

Find more efficient, hardworking content.

Find Your Content Gems.


RETHINK your Content

Renovate? Resuscitate? Or just fine tune it?

What you say in your content anchors everything else you do.

It's the foundation you build on.

Often it's OK, but a little off track. And where does that leave you long-term?

You need more than OK.

Now you can create efficiency in the direction of your web content.

Use your Content Gems to unearth the difference between what you are saying in your content; and what your prospects want to hear.

  • Create that hard-working content.
  • See results you can measure.
Map showing how to create resources

REPACKAGE your content

Your visuals.


Resources are your tools you can create.

Share your message, build your credibility and maximise all the social media options around.

Lead Magnets. EBooks. Blogs...

You've heard of lead magnets - I'll create some for you, and show you how they work.

DIY Marketer? I'll show you how.

See how they can live up to the name.


Discover how to get creative with visuals that connect with your audience.

Show your personality, and show your difference.

And do it on a small business budget.

Let a resourceful small business operator show you how.

You say you want more leads. But how many leads do you lose at Hello?

How many quotes never call back?

What if you just got a higher conversion rate from the leads you currently get?

Let's take a look at what you really need.  How to get it. And what you're doing with what you've already got.

Then we can find the most effective way to get you moving.

Then maximise the incoming numbers.


Practical, hands-on, Do-It-Now Actions.

One contact at a time.

Are you just starting up a business?

Or a new website?

Here's a tip:

Plan your content first.

There's so many great value " drop-in-and-go" web templates available. If you know what you are trying to display, you'll save a lot of time and money getting the right web structure that will display it.

Are you working with a developer?

There's some great web developers around, and some good package deals.

  • But they need you to provide the content, manage it, guide its direction.

Many new businesses under-estimate the time demands and what's involved when it come to creating content that works.




Vicki's Performance Enhancing Tip No 2


START with your Content Gems - the message that matters to your target audience.

  • What are you going to say?
  • And who are you going to say it to?
  • Where are they in their buyers' journey?


CHOOSE the tool to deliver it. What will be most effective to reach that audience.

So your ad says "Call me..."

But are you ready?

What do you do...

  • when the phone rings
  • when the email says : send me some info
  • when the enquiry ends up with more and more questions
  • when the local paper says we will do a story on you or offers you a deal on a promotion?

What do you say?

Are you ready?

Or do you just make it up as you go along?

There's a more efficient way to communicate directly with your clients.

Want to save more of your time and effort?

Are you sick of answering the same questions over and over?


The formal title for it is your Communication Strategy.

The reality is - it's a bit of pre-planning to create a consistency of message, and a reliable efficiency when it comes to what you say, to whom, and when.

Just how valuable is consistency of message?

" But I rang here yesterday - that's not what he said yesterday..."

Who needs to hear that?

After all - you do want every client to get the same message. And who wants different staff members telling clients different things?

Make the most of that direct personal contact.

Know your staff are giving out a consistent message.

Save yourself from more of the boring stuff.

Create more time to do the things you love.



Are QUOTES the lifeblood of your business? Are they driving you crazy?

Quotes-the small business nightmare
Quotes-the small business nightmare

Do you use the 3 Step Process most businesses use ? Find out why it doesn't work.

You can use your content differently - to achieve a higher conversion rate on your quotes.

And win more of the jobs you really want.

Find out how.

Photography for your business: Find out what every small business needs to know


When it comes to images: how do you achieve best value for your time and money?


I'm a professional photographer, so let's get practical.Most blogs and discussions about images tell you WHAT you should be doing. 

I'll show you HOW to achieve it.

  • How many hours do you waste searching around for images online?
  • Are you commissioning a professional photographer?
  • DIY photographer? Do you love adding your own images to your web gallery using your CMS system? Can you tell if they are adding value to your site and your social media? Or not?

          It's time to learn the tips to powerup your own images.

Are you  a DIY Photographer?

Whatever your skill level, discover how some personal training can immediately upgrade your photography skill level.


What does guaranteed mean?
If you don't see your photography skill level go through the roof - then you don't pay. Simple.

And I love to see those changes happen.

Let's make it happen for you.


Is your Visual Content the Weakest Link on your Website?

Show Real clients. Real staff. You.

Give your clients something to connect with.

Build your brand identity.

Your corporate image.

Owner of Pilates studio with client

Corporate CEO on location

Website Photography Special Offer 

Session on location 

*Half price  

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