Creating content that performs and delivers

Does this sound like you?


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Have you got a lazy website?

Is what worked for you yesterday just not working today?

Do you even know why?

Are you searching for a way to attract more leads?

Boost your results? Want to get that phone ringing again? Consistently?

Something needs to change in your business, but where do you start?

I can spot the problem. The problem is in your content.

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Feel overwhelmed by digital marketing options?

So do many other small business owners. Stop chasing the rainbow of likes and shares on social media.

Likes + shares do not equal conversions.

Get grounded. Forget photos of your breakfast.

Discover the key to hardworking content.

  • Start focusing on what creates conversions.
  • And delivers real results for your business.

So you still don't have a website?

Your website is just a tool for your business. And you know how important it is to have the right tool, that's fit for purpose.

Estimates are about  35%* of small businesses in Australia still don't have a website.

And we can understand why. Cost. Time. Promises that don't deliver.

A  setup process more complex than it needs to be.

You just need the phone to ring. Leads.

And not just quantity. But targeted leads. The leads who get what you do.

Your content determines the job you want done. So it's Content first. The website is a message delivery system *Estimate figure KBB Business

About Me

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Vicki Yen. Flexible perspectives. Flexible solutions.



Hello. I'm Vicki Yen.

I'm a professional photographer, and a communications specialist working with small business and start-ups.

Your marketing is not just about more clients.

You want to attract and convert more ideal clients.

It's your content that sends the message your clients want to hear.

  • Free up your time to do the things you are passionate about.
  • Maximise every lead.
  • Identify the right message at the right time, for that particular audience and their customer journey.
  • Then create and package up your message.

It's not about just creating more and more content. 

It's about finding the link to make your content more efficient.

About You and Your Business



Here’s the link you’ve been waiting for.


I can spot where a link is missing between what content is being shared, and what your clients want to hear. 

Flexible Photography+Content service
Flexible Photography+Content service


Is your Visual Content the Weakest Link on your Website?

Show Real clients. Real staff. You.

Give your clients something to connect with.

Build your brand identity.

Your corporate image.

Owner of Pilates studio with client

Corporate CEO on location

Website Photography Special Offer 

Session on location 

*Half price  

Special limited time offer. Places limited. Conditions apply*

Content enabler

Connecting small business with their strengths


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