Creating Content That Connects

Are you a small business owner or start-up? 

Tradie or Service business?

Want to grow your business?

Your results are telling you something needs to change.

But what?

The problem is in your copy.

Are you a small business owner or start-up? 

Tradie or Service business?

Want to grow your business?

What are your results telling you?

You know something needs to change.

But what?

The problem is in your copy.

Are you a small business owner or start-up? 

Want to grow your business?

What are your results telling you?

You know something needs to change.

But what?

The problem is in your copy.

What small business owners are saying

Pilates teacher demonstrating pose with midlife clients
Humanise your website


Vicki has a way of explaining that makes the content process so easy to understand.

And we love the photos.

Bonnie Cunial, Fabulous Physical Fun, Pilates and Personal Training

Children playing at a pool with pool noodles
Vibrant. Vital. Spontaneous


Vicki's creativity plus organisational ability is rare.

My clients' dollars are used efficiently while still producing the highest quality work.

flexible service on location
On location


I’ve been doing my own marketing for 24 years. 

Vicki saw my business from a new perspective, and our new website shows it.

Our clients and suppliers love it.

Chris Jarvis, Chris Jarvis Bathroom Renovations

Cover of major publication showing images of people
Stand out online


Vicki's broad publishing experience, on and offline, gives her unique insight into client needs.

Attention to detail and creativity ensures great results.



Chinese woman, girls in party dress, Indigenous dancer
Diverse small business clients


As chief designer, I used Vicki's images in many key items of communication collateral. 

I found her images always had great composition that would take the design to the next level for the client.

Vicki Yen Content Marketing and Photography

What's the biggest mistake small business owners and start-ups make?


Does your website say: This is what we do...

And the mistake?

You think this message matters to your clients. But are your results telling you it doesn't?

Many small businesses miss the message that matters.

It's just below the surface, out of sight.


You know how just a bit of fine-tuning in any part of your business can increase efficiency, and impact your bottom line.

Let's take a look at the message that really connects with the way your clients think.


And build the bridge to connect.

Ready to get a specialist in and strengthen your core content message?


Are you ready for a rethink?  

Do you know what you are actually saying to your clients?

Do you hope your content is saying: This is why you should Pick Me...


If you're not getting the results you want - it's time for a different perspective on you are actually saying.


Create more efficient content.

Need results?

I'll find the message that works hard for you

Hi I'm Vicki Yen
Hi I'm Vicki Yen

There's a link missing between what your content is saying, 

and what your clients want to hear.


I can spot it.


Vicki's Performance Enhancing Tip No 1.

You said what?


When it comes to marketing your business, you know what results look like.

Sometimes you just don't know the most direct steps to get there.

Your marketing is all about generating an action.

Do you want your clients to take a different action?

Maybe it's time to change what you are saying to them.

I'll show you how.

Powerup your own DIY Marketing

Are you a hands-on Marketer?

Have you got lazy content?

How would you even know?

So many small businesses and start-ups are sitting on a goldmine of content and just don't recognise it.

Is that you?

I'll find your Content Gems for you.

Attract more leads

It's one thing to have your great business ideas.

But it's a different skillset to transform them into content that works hard for you.

There's a reason why big projects have communications professionals on staff: We make the most of what you have.

Content and resources capture and hold your audiences' attention. That's the path to results.

Do yours?

Convert More

Working hard for your leads?

Then what?

  • Do you lose them at hello?
  • How many opt-ins just opt out?
  • How many quotes just never call back?

On it's own, generating leads is not the miracle cure. It's one part of the jigsaw.

What difference would a higher conversion rate make to your results?


Need more leads?

Did you know an estimated 60% of content created is wasted?

Let's get you working with more efficient content.


Did you know the proven communications strategies big business use work for your small business, too?

I'll focus on your business content.

Then you can focus on doing what you really love.

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Changing the inner script will change the outer play

How do you create content that converts


Identify the core message that really resonates with your clients.

What connects and communicates - your CONTENT GEMS.

Is there a Blind Spot in your current content mix?


Infuse your copy, images, and visuals with this revitalised message.

Discover how to create the shareable resources like EBooks and Infographics that keep you memorable.

Powerup all your one-to-one communication touchpoints like emails and phone scripts, and digital resources.







Now you're looking at your business from a whole new perspective.

And so will your clients.

Content First. Communicate. Then use all your digital media tools like social media and email sale funnels to share the effective message.

Generate the Action you want.

Isn't it time to rethink the core message you are sharing?

Rethink: Re-package: Reveal

What is Content Marketing? 

And what does it mean for your business?


Marketing talks about your product.

Content Marketing that's effective is about how your product (and your skills) work and add value in people's lives.

It's a shift in perspective.

When you create content with this goal in mind, it has the power to show you understand the problems clients are trying to solve.

And that you know how to solve them.

And that changes how your clients see you.

Is it time to build the bridge to reach your clients?

Communicate your strengths. What are your strengths?

Content connects

your website looks good but...

What's it really saying?

Too many websites say: 

Pick me. Please Pick Me.

Do you know what your site is saying?

Are your results telling you it's not what your clients want to hear?

More efficient content

It's not about creating more and more content.

You know what happens to your bottom line when your processes are more efficient. It's the same for your content. 

Effective content activates your marketing.

Think words, themes, strategy, images. 


content that works hard

Stop Marketing. Start Communicating


Is your Visual Content the Weakest Link on your Website?

Show Real clients. Real staff. You.

Give your clients something to connect with.

Build your brand identity.

Your corporate image.

Owner of Pilates studio with client

Corporate CEO on location

Website Photography Special Offer 

Session on location 

*Half price  

Special limited time offer. Places limited. Conditions apply*

Content enabler

Connecting small business with their strengths


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